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And the winner is ...

Congratulations to Matt Cowens, winner of a copy of the 2010 Semaphore Anthology!


Technically, it is still March ...

 ... and to make up for the lateness of the latest issue, here's a competition!

Tell me which story or poem from the March issue is your favourite, and why, and go into the draw to win a copy of the 2010 Semaphore Anthology. Tweets, comments on this post, and emails will all be counted in the draw - just make sure I see them!

Competition closes 1st May.

Let your friends know!

Sir Julius Vogel Awards, 2011 Edition!

 This is so, so late.

I got the email from SFFANZ quite a while ago – back when March was aaaages away – and set it aside, because, well, March was aaaages away.

Not so much, any more.

The nominations deadline for this year’s Sir Julius Vogel Awards is coming up very fast now that I have remembered about it, and on the off-chance that some of you still have the energy to email in forms, I hereby present a list of the categories for which Semaphore and its publications are eligible. Anyone from anywhere can nominate works for the SJVs, so if you have an internet connection – and I’m guessing you do! – read on below the cut:

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Semaphore Magazine Hiatus in 2011

I am not sure how many of you will know this already, but I began Semaphore in 2007 in my first year of study at the University of Otago. I managed to bustle along quite happily with my editing and my education, but late last year, something terrible happened.

I graduated.

... Well, yes, it's perhaps not too terrible a thing - I did get a rather swish certificate out of it, after all - but it does mean my life is going to see some serious changes over the next few years, even if I do end up running screaming back to do further study. Later this year, I am going to finally take out my savings and take the time to do my Big OE - my Overseas Experience - and spend some months in Europe. This means no fixed address, no guaranteed internet or computer access - and that means, unfortunately, no Semaphore.

So, Semaphore will be going on hiatus following this year's June issue, which at the moment is likely to be a late-May-pretending-to-be-June issue, as I have plans to meet friends in Rome on the 1st and don't really feel like updating with a new issue en-route. Two more issues to go, then!

Things aren't too grim, though. At the moment I hope to resume operations mid-/late-2012, when I expect to be back and settled somewhere in the land of the long white cloud, so this is not The End - just an intermission. And until then - well, we've got to make those last two issues good ones, haven't we?

The books have arrived!

The 2010 Semaphore Anthology has arrived at last, and with it, I can announce the winners of the New Zealand pre-order prize giveaway:

Semaphore Pen: Laura Forgeson!
Orange Pendant: Patty Jansen!
Green Pendant: Joyce Chng!
Semaphore Cap: Joffre Horlor!

Orders and prizes will be posted out within the next few days. Ta ever so much to those of you who made pre-orders; the international edition should be available by the end of the week, fingers crossed. For all the delays there were on the NZ edition, multiply by several billion ...


New issue of Semaphore!

One fresh issue of Semaphore Magazine now online, with a cover by Nicola Gibbons, a graduate of the Otago School of Art and interior textual decorations by A. J. Fitzwater, Camille Alexa, Alexandra Seidel (twice), Campbell Taylor, Megan Arkenberg, Therese Arkenberg, and H. Edgar Hix.

2010 Anthology: NZ Pre-Orders Open

I am now taking pre-orders for the New Zealand printing of the 2010 Semaphore Anthology. To recap, for those of your as-yet out of the loop: this year's anthology will be available through two channels, one a very small, mainly pre-order based New Zealand print run which is meant to give NZers a chance to get a copy without paying exorbitant international shipping costs; and one through Lulu.com, so that international customers don't need to pay to have their copy shipped up from the bottom of the world.

That's not to say that if you're not from New Zealand, you can't take advantage of these pre-orders; just be prepared to pay a bit more for the book to get to you.

The 2010 Semaphore Anthology is fully illustrated and contains fifteen short stories and poetry (the full table of contents can be read on the website). Each copy is $NZD 24.00, and NZ shipping is $4.00. Pre-orders can be made through the Semaphore website if you want to pay through PayPal; alternately, you can do a direct deposit and email me with your postal address (Marie Hodgkinson, ASB 12-3150-0270552-00; use your email as reference). Really, whatever's easiest for you.

Pre-orders close 10 November, and every pre-ordered copy goes into the draw to win one of the following pieces of Semaphore merchandise:

Semaphore Anthology Cover Art

The most lovely and talented unknownbinaries has been working on the cover for this year's Semaphore Anthology, and I am pleased to show you all just how gorgeous it is going to be. This is the base wraparound image for the cover, without the text on it yet (under the cut for size):
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Online Shop

Courtesy of Felt.co.nz, Semaphore now has an online shop!

Job Opening: Design Editor

Semaphore Magazine is now seeking applications for a volunteer Design Editor position. Details below.

Job Title: Design Editor of Semaphore Magazine.
Term: By arrangement with Marie Hodgkinson; immediate start preferable.
Job Description: The 'Design Editor' is a new position at Semaphore Magazine. The Design Editor will be responsible for sourcing illustrations for each quarterly issue of Semaphore Magazine (approximately seven illustrations per issue; stories and poems to be illustrated will be emailed to the Design Editor at least a fortnight before publication), sourcing cover art for each issue and formatting it appropriately, advising the Editor on incorporation of illustrations within each issue, and liaising with artists. During the last quarter of each year (beginnig 2011) the Design Editor may also be called upon to organise the commission of cover art and interior illustrations for the annual Semaphore Anthology. While there will be some creative freedom involved in the job, applicants should familiarise themselves with Semaphore's general style and understand they will be expected to source work in the same vein.
Remuneration: This is a volunteer position, but the successful applicant will receive 20% discounts on Semaphore products during the period in which they are employed.

Applications: Send a CV of your previous experience in design or similar, along with a cover letter, to Marie Hodgkinson at semaphoremagazine(at)gmail(dot)com . Include 'DESIGN EDITOR' in email subject line. If possible, include links to previous work.

Questions below, or send me an email!